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Customs barriers across the world are growing, making it more difficult to control the supply chain. We have more than 1000 dedicated professionals who can guide you with solutions tailored to your supply chain.

No matter what your customs needs we have employees, licenses and approvals on hand to customs clear your shipments on time. Regardless the volume, scope or scale our global network of specialists are ready to fulfil your customs supply chain requirements in any part of the world where you do business. Choose from our value adding services – thoroughly and efficiently executed.

Services: Whether you import or export goods we have a wide spectre of services to improve your supply chain. We can declare your goods; assist with the calculation and reporting of fees & duties. Our consultancy services cover a large range of customs related subjects, for example: classification, customs value, free trade agreements and incoterms.

Trade control: When you would like to reduce the risk and administration costs for Cross-Border shipments, our experts and consultants are ready to assist. Gain knowledge regarding Free trade agreements, international customs rates, customs value, procedures or other subjects you are interested in. As well as uncovering potential for hidden customs savings.

Our employees have a high level of customs competency. Several are educated and have their background from Norwegian Customs Office. We will ensure that all governmental requirements are followed for you and your supply chain. We will evaluate your supply chain and conduct or assist you in audits. We will help you develop proactive processes, which will prevent penalties and fines. 

Digitalisation: Let us help you make the customs procedures digital. Single Windows Customs Portal is an automated central point of entry for all European customs clearances. The control panel and report solutions gives you a full overview of your information so that you are able to make strategic decisions for your supply chain. We also have solutions that take care of the governmental demands to you as importer/exporter concerning the storage of the customs declarations and supporting documentation.

Benefit from our customs services:

  • Ensure that you and your customers pay the correct fees through correct usage of free trade agreements
  • Be proactive with changes in the customs requirements, procedures and licences affecting your business
  • Get assistance with strategic outsourcing of customs operations and control of third-party agency clearances
  • Get support with applications, procedures, licences and more.

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Customs Consultancy services

We have extensive experience within global logistics and Norwegian Customs, specifically tax challenges connected to both Norway (including the continental shelf) and Europe as well as international vessels and shipping. Our strength is our global network of consultants. Where others have cooperational partners, we have colleagues. To be able to assist our Norwegian and global customers theoretical knowledge is not enough. Just as important are the experiences we have gained through practical work connected to different customer related problems, both in Norway and abroad.

We assist Norwegian companies within several areas like classification of goods, free trade agreements, customs value and restrictions. Our consultants can conduct customs health checks for your company. We uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your current processes and suggest improvements.

We can assist in more than 100 countries with for example:  research with regards to import licences, product requirements, required documentation and level of customs charges and taxes.

Norwegian entities are often required to deliver goods as part of a complete delivery where the build or production is happening outside Norway. In such events, it may be a crucial factor that one avoids some incoterms and that one is able to handle the related customs requirements - or avoids these.

Norwegian businesses are buying an increasing amount of goods from the EU – and selling them on either inside the EU or to a third country. In other cases, companies buy unprocessed goods and develop these internally in the EU. We will help you with suggestions for different solutions so that the involved parties limit their potential tax exposure.